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Indispensable strategies that will make your mobile exhibition stand a success

 Participation in trade fairs is an essential investment in money and time. So if you want to participate with a mobile exhibition stand, do it right! Think about what your perspective could look like and whether a portable exhibition stand is a suitable choice for your brand. If so, you should buy your mobile exhibition stand from an experienced and reliable exhibitor who can design it according to your desired appearance to present yourself optimally to visitors at the exhibition.

We want to show you how to set up your mobile stand and ensure that most people remember your perspective.

Start advertising your fair trade stand early on.

You should submit a "save the date"Send out emails to make sure the people important to you are available for this appointment. From that point on, establish communication channels to keep everyone in the loop. Ideally, these lines of communication should be year-round. People from around the world participating in the exhibition stand Dubai.

Get the attention of the organizers and the trade press

Talk to the event organizers about advertising opportunities for your mobile exhibition stand. Also, involve the trade press that reports on the trade fair and is interested in the innovations presented there.

Make an appointment with the visitors who are essential to you.

To invite valuable customers to visit you at your mobile stand, make an appointment, or join the organizer's customer program. This allows you to identify potential visitors and set up meetings with them.

Greet your visitors

Visitors often walk past the stand they want to explore but get discouraged when they find staff talking, phoning, or emailing each other. Train your employees always to greet and address all passing guests attentively.

Give visitors a reason to engage with your stand.

Try at least one interactive element on your mobile booth offer, so your visitors remember more than just your sales pitch. It can be a product demo, a tryout opportunity, an experiment, a contest, or a quiz. Interacting and thus immersing your visitors in your brand is the best way to convince them of you.

Create an action plan

When you have had a constructive conversation with a visitor to your stand, you should keep in touch with them. Follow up after the show, email him, and make him a suggestion for future collaboration. The more personal your message reaches the customer, the sooner he will react.

Buy a mobile exhibition stand that is not ordinary.

Don't be afraid to experiment with eye-catching colors to draw visitors to your stand. Using color as an approach rather than buying a generic, interchangeable frame with only your corporate branding ensures that your stand's display draws attention and stands out from the competition.

Don't just rely on 2D graphics.

Even if your company is well known, it still makes sense to include an eye-catching 3D visualization element in the design of your mobile exhibition stand. This can be a keyword, a logo, or a product that allows visitors to identify your range of services. At the same time, this will make your booth more visible to visitors looking for your booth.

What an LCD screen can do

A digital screen with motion sensors will facilitate interaction between presenters and visitors at the stand. Feedback can be given on the net via the motion sensors, which the moderators can use to make their presentations more dynamic and interactive. So it's a good idea to include at least one digital screen in your mobile exhibition stand.

Do you have a topic in mind?

For your mobile exhibition stand to attract attention, it must be appropriately themed. A mix of materials and experimenting with patterns and structures is ideal. Perhaps place a few wooden pallet chairs next to an industrial steel table or kitschy animal-print cushions on a smooth leather sofa. The mix makes it interesting.

How lighting can help

Well-thought-out lighting can turn an ordinary mobile exhibition stand into an impressive one. With colored LEDs, you can change the overall appearance of your perspective at the push of a button. For example, to give your stand a retro look, you can use purple and pink LEDs to illuminate your stand. You can also draw attention to yourself and your products with illuminated billboards and neon shelves.

Virtual exhibition stands

Integrating augmented virtual reality into your stand marketing can help attract crowds. Good examples of virtual elements on the mobile exhibition stand are experiences such as AR photo booths that allow you to take your picture amid an unreal landscape or an AR mirror that uses advanced face recognition to enable the viewer to create their reflection to change.

Issuance of promotional gifts

Free promotional items are a proven way to attract visitors. But instead of just handing out snacks to visitors, you should integrate your giveaways into the actual design of your stand. That could be a charging port, free Wi-Fi, or a free cup of coffee from your coffee station.

We are setting up a conference room at your stand.

Most visitors who attend trade shows do so, intending to do business. Therefore set up a meeting point on your mobile exhibition stand. Depending on what suits your business best, it can be a formal desk with chairs or something casual like a lounge chair or a podium table with a stool.

Be eco-friendly

Exhibition halls rarely have access to daylight, and the air can quickly become stuffy. The use of green helps bring a little bit of the outside world inside—a great way for an eco-friendly brand to communicate its values ​​and stand out positively.

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32 Tips for You Before Travelling To Dubai In 2022

Dubai is a destination that attracts thousands of travelers every year either. Its spectacular buildings, Guinness records, and luxurious atmosphere have made this destination one of the most popular in the world. However, it is still a city that many consider exotic and unknown.

32 Tips for You Before Travelling To Dubai In 2022

This list of 33 things you should know before traveling to Dubai seeks to end many of the doubts that arise when talking about this city and that can help you plan your trip to Dubai. But before I share basic information to plan your trip.

1. Dubai 

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. Despite being the most famous city in the country, it is not the country's capital. Abu Dhabi occupies that place.

2. Where is Dubai?.

Dubai is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, to be more precise, in the Arabian desert. It borders to the south with Abu Dhabi —the country's capital—to the northeast with Sharjah, the southeast with Oman, the west with the Emirate of Ajman, and the north with Ras al-Khaimah.

3. When is it best to travel to Dubai? 

The climate in Dubai is subtropical and arid. Winters are warm, between 14ºC and 25ºC, while in summer, they can exceed 40ºC. So the best season to travel is between October and March. During this season, you can find attractions such as the world's most extensive garden in the desert: Dubai Miracle Garden.

4. Dubai areas

Dubai is a city of 3 thousand 113 square kilometers, of which much is still desert. The city is constantly developing, and the main areas to visit for travelers are:

  • Downtown or new center of Dubai with attractions such as the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall.
  • Deira or old Dubai with the city museum and traditional markets (souks). The area of ​​Al Seef was recently inaugurated; this area is ideal where traditional streets are recreated but which houses modern restaurants and shops.
  • Dubai Marina or the new Dubai.

5. How do I get to Dubai? 

Dubai is located in the Middle East, so there are connections from different parts of the world. It is common to find direct flights with essential destinations in Europe and Asia, such as Delhi, Prague, Madrid, and Berlin, to name a few options.

One of the easiest and fastest ways is to fly Emirates with a stopover in Barcelona, ​​Spain. This is an excellent way to get there faster if you don't have a US visa. If you take this option, do not forget to check the health requirements to travel through Spain. Another option for flights to Dubai from Mexico is traveling on AirFrance. The route they offer you is with two stops: the first at Detroit Wayne County Airport in the United States, for which you will need a US visa, and the second at Detroit Airport. Paris-Charles De Gaulle.

6. Time in Dubai

GMT+4. If you consider central Mexico's time, you must add +10 hours. To know the exact time in Dubai.

7. Sanitary requirements in Dubai

Although it is one of the freest Emirates for travelers, these are the health requirements to travel today in Dubai 022.

8. Dubai Metro 

The easiest option to get around the city is the metro. It's clean, tidy, easy to use, and reasonably priced (from 4 AED one way or 1 USD). In addition, it connects with the airport. The problem is that it still does not cover the entire city, so some routes have to be completed by tram (for the Dubai Marina area) or bus (to go to Abu Dhabi, Global Village, Miracle Garden, terminal 2 of the airport and the rest of Dubai).

9. Taxi and Uber in Dubai

Specific routes in Dubai can be completed by taxi, and the good news is that they are affordable: a journey of 10 km traveled in 15 minutes costs 30 AED (8 USD). Prices from the airport are higher because the starting price is AED 20, while from the rest of the city, it is only AED 5 (USD 2).

However, the distances and the traffic can increase the cost of the trip. There are also Uber and other types of applications, but in my experience, the taxi cost was lower every time I quoted a journey with Uber.

10. What is the official currency of Dubai? 

The dirham (AED) is the currency of Dubai, and due to the number of travelers and migrants in the city, it is straightforward to find exchange houses: at the airport, some metro stations, shopping malls, etc. Another option to have local currency is to withdraw money from ATMs.

It is also possible to pay by credit or debit card practically anywhere: supermarkets, metro tickets, restaurants, markets (souks). Therefore, you can almost take a trip to Dubai without exchanging money. However, the same is not valid if you visit other Emirates, where you may need cash for some purchases, so consider this if you plan to leave the city.

Travel tip. If you are Mexican and have an HSBC or Banamex card, you should know that there are HSBC and Citibank in Dubai. So I recommend you withdraw from those ATMs to avoid extra commissions.

11. Dubai is a Muslim city, but with a powerful Western influence, 

Dubai is a destination open to other beliefs and ways of life. Unless you plan to visit a mosque, it is NOT necessary to comply with any dress code. Women can walk freely through the streets without being harassed or frowned upon, but it is always advisable not to abuse necklines or miniskirts. Bikinis are allowed on public beaches. If you want to know what to pack for your trip to Dubai, here is the information. 

12. Women can travel alone. 

Traveling to Dubai is entirely safe, and women can walk the streets alone without any problems. Also, if you prefer, there are pink taxis driven by women. Based on my experience, I can confirm that immigration will not ask you additional questions about traveling alone.

13. Dubai doesn't have to wipe out your savings. 

Although it is not known for being a cheap destination and offers quite expensive experiences, Dubai can be more affordable than you imagine. If you want to know how much my trip to Dubai cost clicks here.

14. Lots of free stuff in Dubai

It is also essential that you know that there are several activities to do for free in Dubai or that you can do with little money. Some examples:

  • Visit the typical souks and markets where you can find specific products of the country such as spices or souvenirs.
  • Go to public beaches.
  • See the Dubai fountain show.

15. Dubai is a very safe city

The high purchasing power in the country, and the strict laws of the United Arab Emirates have made Dubai a very safe city, where robberies are practically non-existent. So when walking around the city, you will feel very safe. However, it is also not recommended to leave your belongings unattended.

16. Not everything is luxury 

Dubai has become famous for being a city full of extravagance and luxury, and while it is true that Downtown or The Palm is a good reflection of this, many areas retain a traditional and modest air. A good example is the Deira area, famous for hosting souks such as gold and spices and being on the banks of the Creek, the mainstream. If you want to know the different neighborhoods of Dubai, here I leave you a guide. 

17. The city of world record

In the city of world records, Dubai, you will have the opportunity to meet several world records, such as the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world; the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping center; the Burj Al Arab, the famous sailboat-shaped hotel is the most expensive on the planet; the gold souk concentrates the most significant number of jewels per square meter and also has the giant gold ring in the world. Click here for the list of what you cannot miss on a trip to Dubai. 

18. Dubai is one of the seven United Arab Emirates

Dubai is undoubtedly the most famous, but six other emirates also have attractions. The one you cannot miss is in Abu Dhabi, the country's capital. It is a destination betting on tourism but is still developing. It already has attractions such as the Emirates Palace, Ferrari World, the luxurious Sheikh Zayed Mosque, and the Louvre Dubai Museum. If you want to know what you can do in Abu Dhabi, click here. 

19. Internet in Dubai

In Dubai, you will find several free WiFi hotspots; however, many require registration. If you want to avoid this and always be connected, I recommend you buy a SIM card beforehand, and you will pick it up when you arrive at the airport. I did so on my last trip, and the process was straightforward. You can contact your SIM card for 15 USD here. 

⚠️ Important. Consider that calls and video calls by application, such as FaceTime or WhatsApp, are prohibited in all the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, if you want national or international calls, you must verify that your plan includes it. Here is all the information. 

20. What is the best area to stay in Dubai? 

The city of Dubai is significant, and its attractions are in different neighborhoods, so you must use public transport no matter where you visit. Here are some options:

  • Staying near the airport is a good alternative if you only stop in the city. Prices in this area are much lower than in other areas of the city, but the quality of accommodation remains the same. In addition, you have an excellent connection to the center with the metro. My recommendation is precisely for the surroundings of the metro and Deira City Center shopping mall. For more details on this area, click here.
  • I am staying in the Financial Center: one of my favorite areas for having the best value for money in the city and an excellent location.
  • Stay in downtown: one of the most popular areas because it is home to attractions such as the Dubai Mall or the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The problem is the high costs. More details here. 

You can see the complete list by clicking here if you want to see more recommended areas to stay and the accommodations I recommend.

21. Excursion to the desert 

Visiting the desert is a staple in Dubai, although it is not really in this city, but in the neighboring emirate of Sharjah. It is a 45-minute journey; the best way to visit it is to take an organized tour. Consider that driving in the desert requires a special license and car, so it is not recommended to do it yourself. Please book your place, hiring the tour with time, and you can do it safely here. 

22. Shopping: one of the best activities

Dubai is synonymous with good shopping, and the first place that comes to mind is the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping center in the world. It is an essential stop with its attractions, such as fountains or Aquarium. But there are also two other highly recommended shopping malls: the Emirates Mall, famous for having the only ski slope in the desert, and the Deira City Mall, which was once the most important in the city. Here is the complete list of where to go shopping in Dubai. 

23. Forget alcohol or prepare to pay 

Although the consumption of alcohol is becoming easier in the city, it is not entirely allowed, so you will not find it available in restaurants or supermarkets. However, they can be consumed in specific places such as hotels or bars. Know more Bosporus Turkish Restaurant in Dubai.

24. Dubai offers a tremendous gastronomic variety

From famous fast food like McDonald's, KFC, or Pizza Hut, to restaurants with Michelin stars or some typical food you can find in Dubai. Options will not be lacking, and you will find an opportunity for your tastes and budget.

25. To enter the Burj Al Arab hotel, you have to pay 

Knowing inside the Burj Al Arab, and the famous sail-shaped hotel has a price. Entry is prohibited to anyone who is not a guest of the hotel. But if you are not willing to pay for one of its suites, there are options, such as reserving a meal at one of its hotels or a drink at one of its bars. Of course, they can inform you of a minimum consumption when making your reservation. If you want to know the Burj Al Arab, click here to see the process in detail.

26. Public beaches

There are several immaculate public beaches in Dubai, with very good quality and all the necessary services. The most famous are: Jumeirah Public Beach, Kite Beach, Jumeirah Beach, and JBR Beach in Dubai Marina.

27. Dubai has a time difference over GMT/UTC of +04:00 hours. 

This means there is 2 hours difference between European countries like Spain and 12 with Mexico City.

28. How do I get from Dubai Airport to the city? 

Dubai has 2 International Airports, the main one being Dubai International Airport. Terminals 1 and 3 of this airport are perfectly connected to the city center by the red Metro line, which stops at critical points such as Deira, Dubai Marina, or the Dubai Mall.

However, if you are staying at the famous artificial palm tree, the Palm Jumeirah, or the Dubai Marina, you would need to complete the metro with other transportation.

Terminal 2 of the airport is not connected by metro, but you can look for the transfer to terminal 1 or 3 and thus take the metro.

29. If you are Mexican, you will NOT need a visa. 

Depending on how long you will spend in Dubai and your nationality, you will need some requirements or others, be it a passport or a ticket. Mexicans no longer require access for tourist trips to Dubai, and the entry requirements are the same as for entering the Schengen area in Europe.

30. How much does a tourist visa to Dubai cost?

If your nationality requires a visa, you can process it at your country's UAE embassy or do it here. 

31. It is convenient to organize the trip 

if you want to make the most of your stay. It is better to plan a little since there are activities in which you will save a lot of time in queues if you book in advance. Some are: go up to the Burj Khalifa, here you will not only save time, but you will ensure your entry because there are limited places; entering the Burj Al Arab can only be reserved in advance, or visit the Aquarium. If you want to know what you cannot miss in Dubai, click here. 

Extra tip. If you have no idea how much it costs to travel to Dubai, here is a text with all the details of how much I spent.

31. In Dubai you will need an electircal adapter

You will need electrical adapter plugs in Dubai, and all the United Arab Emirates are three-pin, like those in England, and the electric current is 220 V at 50 Hz. If you want more information about the plugs, click here. 

Indispensable strategies that will make your mobile exhibition stand a success

 Participation in trade fairs is an essential investment in money and time. So if you want to participate with a mobile exhibition stand, do...